Flower of the Month

Oops, I almost let the month of May get by without designating a flower! No question about it, the flower that wins this month is the hollyhock... Can you spot it there in the background?  This plant has soared to over 6 feet tall... Here's the thing, it has been years since I have been able … [Read more...]

Tip of the Iceberg

I've been in heaven/England for the past week and had a bit of technical difficulty so am thrilled to be able to begin sharing my trip with you now that I am back OPP! I could not get my photos to air drop from phone to iPad the entire time I was there and had an equally difficult time trying to … [Read more...]

A Garden Club Field Trip

A few weeks ago some friends from The Garden Club of Jackson headed to Lake Bruin, Louisiana on a little field trip.  One of our members has her own retreat at the lake and is also great friends with the uber talented Becky Vizard of BViz Design fame.  I have written about her before so if you need … [Read more...]

Pomp and Circumstance

Here's what I was up to this weekend... Even though daughter finished up with all of her studies at the illustrious University of Mississippi a full year ago, the opportunity to take the obligatory walk across the stage was not made available to her until now! (There was a bit of an internship, … [Read more...]

In Anticipation of The Chelsea Flower Show

In anticipation of attending the Chelsea Flower Show in just a few short days, I have been scouring the Royal Horticultural Society web page... It looks like I'd better do a bit of wardrobe planning... It's fun just looking at images from past shows... How much fun is this fabulous floral … [Read more...]

Garden Tour

I've been away from OPP for a few days and here is one reason why - The Garden Club of Jackson's Spring Garden Tour!  I was co-chairman of the shop, The Secret Garden, which was open for the two tour days but required several days for setup. It was all great fun and a huge success and hopefully … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Ed Nichols Farm

A group of friends met and took a trip out to the beautiful farm where the extraordinary Ed Nichols has been growing plants that many of us have transplanted into our own gardens for years... The real purpose of our visit was to assist his sweet wife with a bit of weeding or planting or whatever … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Tour

I want to recommend an event taking place this week... The weather is promising to be glorious... I guarantee the gardens are glorious... For the first time this year's event will incorporate a gardeny gift shop... (Which I just happen to be the co-chairman of!) and among many other … [Read more...]

A Special Baptism

Yesterday we celebrated the baptism of two special boys and number one son became a godparent for the first time! It was so special for the boys to be baptized together... Number one son and the father of our boys... (They've been posing for pictures for many years!) I thought the altar … [Read more...]

Auricula Theatres

I ran across a little blurb about garden designers Isabel and Julian Bannerman and the auricula theatre they recently had made for their garden...  Photo cred growsonyou.com Well, one look at that and I was quickly searching for more information! Apparently auricula theatres were a must have … [Read more...]