A Little More from LA LA Land

I really meant to show you some more highlights from my trip to LA back in the fall and somehow the Getty Center fell in the cracks.  I had the most pleasant day there and wanted to share some of it with you... Originally the museum started in J. Paul Getty's house in Pacific Palisades.  He … [Read more...]

The Frozen Empire on the Bookshelf

Hello friends, hopefully 2017 is off to a good start for all of you!  I've got my feet back on the ground and can't wait to tell you about a trio of books that I have been enjoying.  Part biography, part historical fiction and part total fiction, all three have captivated me! Knowing about the … [Read more...]

LA LA Land

I treated myself to a movie yesterday after I dropped number 2 son off at the airport.  The house is always way too quiet after the kids and their friends have been here and a movie is my favorite way to bridge the emptiness.  I already knew which flick was calling to me...   I knew that … [Read more...]

A Rough Start to 2017

Hello friends! I'll just be honest with you, we are off to a rough start to 2017 here OPP.  We have lost a young man near and dear to us and way too soon.  He and number 2 son were freshman college roommates and it just seems like yesterday. You know how much a garden means to me and so I was … [Read more...]

Festive Holiday Gathering

I loved getting to see my friend's beautiful Christmas decorations at a festive holiday gathering last week... Santa was quite a hit... Every room was decked out for the holidays... Notice the crackling fire through the window in the garden folly... Beautiful centerpiece... Kitchen … [Read more...]

A Holiday Field Trip

I set out on Saturday to procure a small beef tenderloin because I wanted to try a new recipe before Chrismas Day and ended up on a holiday field trip! As I headed north toward Kroger I made a snap decision and kept on going to Flora, MS and the Flora Butcher.  I have read about this entrepreneur … [Read more...]

This That and The Other

You may know that I've been in the midst of a kitchen renovation over here OPP.  Well, I'm still without the power to bake thanks to a faulty set of ovens being installed.  I'm kind of really really tired of it now!  Here's the silver lining, a warming drawer that is also a slow cooker.  I … [Read more...]

Caribbean Room

My friends and I were supposed to eat at the Caribbean Room in the Pontchartrain Hotel last week while we were in New Orleans but the length of Dolly's concert caused us to cancel.  Never mind, we will catch it next time around! I did, however, stroll through before leaving town just to enjoy the … [Read more...]

Hello Dolly!

By now you may know that I was lucky enough to travel with a group of friends to New Orleans last week to see Dolly Parton in concert... The Pure and Simple Tour hit all the right notes!  Just Dolly and three fellow musicians entertained nonstop for three hours... I lost track of the number of … [Read more...]

Pontchartrain Hotel

I'm lucky enough to be spending a couple of days in the Big Easy with friends and we're staying at the recently renovated Pontchartrain Hotel... The Pontchartrain opened in 1927 as a luxury apartment building and then in the 1940s was refashioned as a luxury hotel. I'm having visions of what it … [Read more...]