Holiday Potpourri

The long anticipated event my neighbor and I have been preparing for arrived with the first flush of fall last Friday.   A neighborhood school - First Presbyterian Day School -  held its annual fundraiser, Holiday Potpourri, between our houses and in the boulevard... Come right in... I made … [Read more...]


A friend called a few months back to ask if I would host her antique club and talk to them about some of my collections.  Since I knew I'd be gearing up for another event I readily agreed thinking that it would push me to get things done early.  Well there were a few bumps in the road but I pulled … [Read more...]

The Decorated Letter

Whew!  It's been a while since I've been able to post anything here and I really do miss the contact and feedback with all of you!  I promise there is a valid reason for my absence and will be sharing that with you in the coming days In the meantime, my friend Peggy Goldstein of The Decorated … [Read more...]

Art Show and Reception at The Cedars

Head over The Cedars in Fondren for a fun evening this Thursday, October 13th... in addition to the fabulous art show, The Pryor Band will be playing... I went by to help my friend Pryor deliver her paintings and took a few pictures to give you a sneak preview... Of course there a few of … [Read more...]

Marcel Wanders Photorealistic Rugs

Inspiration for the photorealistic rugs that Marcel Wanders has devised for Moooi Carpets came from 17th century still lifes in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam... The carpets really do look more like paintings than something you would find underfoot... If I owned one I would admittedly skirt … [Read more...]

Satisfying a bit of Wanderlust

The fall foliage images sent to me by number 2 son over the weekend are causing a bit of wanderlust for Maine.  Imagine my surprise when I popped over to One Kings Lane to check out the Madcap Cottage Gents pop-up shop and discovered an Antiquing In Kennebunkport sale! So I just sat back and … [Read more...]

Dispatches from Maine

Number 2 son, living in picturesque Maine, knows how excited I get over the beautiful fall foliage and sent a couple of dispatches over the weekend... It was nice to know that he was thinking of me as he cruised along through the scenic countryside on his way to Tumbledown mountain... The view … [Read more...]

Fall in the Mall Y’all

A friend and I traveled down to Laurel, MS, to view a Garden Club of America Flower Show presented by the Laurel Garden Club last week... I thought it was so clever to stage the show in a local shopping mall and to have the classes of competition play off shopping mall inspired themes. One … [Read more...]

London Calling

A couple of friends have been in London recently and I've loved following their travels via Instagram so memories of my trip to England in May are front and center! of course the store fronts are spectacular... An afternoon of walking definitely provided plenty of inspiration... Loved the … [Read more...]

Decorating with Velvet

I suppose it's the heat that has had me stymied for the past week or so but on my drive home from Oxford yesterday I took note of the leaves turning to shades of yellow and red which led to thoughts of fall and yes even decorating with velvet! There's just something about the look and feel of … [Read more...]