Tea Towel Upholstery

How have I missed this tea towel upholstery created by Susie Stanford of ... My favorite travel souvineer is always a tea towel!  They're easy to pack and always bring a smile and a memory when you get them home.  Suzie has definitely taken it one step futher with her upholstery... Oh my … [Read more...]

One Fun Thing I Did Yesterday

I know I've told you that one of my favorite go-to books for design inspiration is One Man's Folly by Julia Evans Reed.  Reed chronicles design genius Furlow Gatewood's restoration of his family carriage house in Americus, Georgia.  If you don't have it run out and get a copy quick!  I love … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf

I just finished listening to two great books both set during WWII (one of my current obsessions)! The Light Behind the Window moves back and forth between present day and 1943, a writing technique that I always seem to enjoy. In the present day, Emilie de la Martinieres inherits her family's … [Read more...]

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

A highlight from my trip to Maine this summer was sharing a sunrise with number 2 son and daughter on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park... It's a 4:30 wake up call but well worth it!  The short drive up the mountain was bumper to bumper as this is a popular activity for tourists as well … [Read more...]

Fun in Music City

I'm on a whirlwind trip to Nashville to hear the Dixie Chicks in concert!  To make the overnight trip not quite so taxing I hopped on a Contour Airlines flight from Tupelo to Nashville and avoided the interstate 40 nightmare... The hour long flight was smooth as silk... I arrived in time to … [Read more...]

Great Dixter

I'm sharing a garden from my trip to England in May with you today, Great Dixter, the garden of Christopher Lloyd... Lloyd was born at Great Dixter and lived his entire life here, taking on the responsibilities of the garden from his mother in 1946.  He was a pioneer in developing mixed borders … [Read more...]

Design Inspiration

After meeting with a new client today, I've been poking around Pinterest looking for inspiration. There's nothing like an inspiration board to get the creative juices flowing... I usually have some version of an inspiration board going on the walls in my studio/workroom.  Gathering ideas into … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf

You know how much I love Downton Abbey!  I would definitely have been in this line had I been around on that first day  when the Abbey opened for tours... Well, since there won't be any new episodes to savor I gave way to listening to two of Julian Fellowes books over the past couple of weeks.  I … [Read more...]

Welcoming a Chinese Dairy

Some time ago I caught a glimpse of the Chinese Dairy at Woburn Abbey... It it was love at first sight... Oh my, framed by fall foliage... The Abbey occupies the east of the village of Woburn in Bedfordshire.  A country house, it is still home to the current Duke of Bedford and is open on … [Read more...]

Armchair Traveling

I spent yesterday afternoon in an outpatient surgery waiting room and entertained myself with poring over pictures on my iPhone.  It was nice to revisit my trip to London earlier this spring.  One thing I set out to do while in the city was pay a visit to the Goring Hotel where Princess Kate and her … [Read more...]