Caribbean Room

My friends and I were supposed to eat at the Caribbean Room in the Pontchartrain Hotel last week while we were in New Orleans but the length of Dolly's concert caused us to cancel.  Never mind, we will catch it next time around! I did, however, stroll through before leaving town just to enjoy the … [Read more...]

Hello Dolly!

By now you may know that I was lucky enough to travel with a group of friends to New Orleans last week to see Dolly Parton in concert... The Pure and Simple Tour hit all the right notes!  Just Dolly and three fellow musicians entertained nonstop for three hours... I lost track of the number of … [Read more...]

Pontchartrain Hotel

I'm lucky enough to be spending a couple of days in the Big Easy with friends and we're staying at the recently renovated Pontchartrain Hotel... The Pontchartrain opened in 1927 as a luxury apartment building and then in the 1940s was refashioned as a luxury hotel. I'm having visions of what it … [Read more...]

Kitchen Lighting

One of the last decisions I have to make in my kitchen renovation is to choose a pendant light for above the sink.  I've been searching around for inspiration and have found lots to love. Glass is a great option here for a house built by the owner of a glass company... When I called my lighting … [Read more...]

Sneak Peak

I had so much fun helping a friend stage and style her home for a Delta Magazine photo shoot a few days ago... In the dining room we arranged flowers for a Valentine dinner party and I thought you might like a sneak peak... As soon as we knew when the shoot would take place I called my friend … [Read more...]

Listen Up

I haven't had much time for armchair reading during my kitchen renovation since multiple events have required me to move all of the kitchen paraphernalia from room to room.  I have many tales to tell about it all but I will refrain for now! An upside to heaving China and mixers hither and yon has … [Read more...]

Surface View

A major kitchen revamp has had me sidelined and I have missed my time spent here with each and every one of you!  The end is in sight now and I look forward to returning to a somewhat normal schedule that will include blogging. I don't remember where I read about Surface View but let me tell you … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Concert Hall and Community Park

While I was in Los Angeles recently I paid a visit to the Walt Disney  Concert Hall and Community Park... At first my friend and I thought we would drive by the magnificent structure just so I could see the building... But the lure to see more was strong and so we decided to park and walk … [Read more...]

Floral Design Workshop

The Garden Club of Jackson welcomed Julie Spears from Memphis as our guest speaker this week.  Julie is a floral design expert and has won many accolades in Garden Club of America Flower Shows across the country.  She shared floral design tips with our club as she demonstrated creating seasonal … [Read more...]

What’s in a House Number?

Happy Election Day - I think? At any rate, the craziness of this election will soon be over. Which has me thinking, what's in a house number? ... The iconic 1600 is up for grabs today and it will certainly be interesting to find out who is moving in ... I'll leave you with a … [Read more...]