After the Storm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis photo was taken a day before a catastrophic hail storm hit my Belhaven neighborhood on Monday.  The hyacinths are in full bloom surrounded by pansies and verbena that had already established and begun to bloom.  I am so happy that I took the time to make some photographs in my garden just before the storm.  I was at home with my little Jack Russell, Cammie, and my son’s Jack Russell, Maggie.  We were working away when we heard the strangest sound – bang, bang, bang.  As we soon discovered, hail the size of tennis balls was pounding away at our roof, windows and garden.  I will post some more storm information later!  As we stood at the back door videoing the event we heard again another sound that led us to the interior staircase where we discovered hail bouncing down the stairs.  Three upstairs windows were blown in and the rain and hail was now assailing us not only outside but in our house!  I quickly ran for duck tape and garbage bags and tried to keep as much of the elements outside as I possibly could.  The windows are all now replaced and this morning’s discovery is a leak in the roof and water and plaster falling.  I think another cup of coffee may be necessary!

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