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Christmas ornament

Early this morning I headed for the coffee pot and the newspaper –  my usual routine but something was off.

 For the past couple of weeks I have been living in the fast lane – preparing for Easter and house guests involved a lot of cleaning, shopping and preparation, my middle son had a bout of pneumonia which landed us in the emergency room.

 The class I am taking at Millsaps College required reading (a lot!).

My balance was off because I had not had any time for creativity!

 I really need to cultivate my creative side and when I am unable to do so I quickly become frustrated.

 I made a conscious decision that this weekend I would devote time to some much needed creativity.

Recently I have been enjoying working with decoupage and vintage greeting cards to create holiday ornaments.

This ornament is one of my favorites…

Christmas ornament

The front of the ornament gives the traditional greeting and the bells continue onto the back ringing in the holiday season.

 I started this project with a large round styrofoam ball that I covered with royal purple tissue paper using Modpodge.

  When this was dry I began sealing in the images from a 1940s era Christmas card.

 The design was carefully trimmed with embroidery scissors and sealed onto the ball.

 Christmas ornament

The ornament was adorned with gold german dresden papers and velvet ribbon…

Christmas Ornament

The final touch was achieved by attaching Swarovski crystals on the bell clappers.

 It makes me happy just to hold this in my hand and look at it!

Today I am going to begin creating using a course that I purchased for a spun cotton ornament.

 I have been seeing several images on Pinterest of lovely antique and newly created spun cotton ornaments.

 Perhaps you are feeling a little off balance, if so, try creating something!

dog, christmas

 What will you create today?

 I would love to hear – leave me a comment!

Happy Weekend!


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