Easter Entertainment

Here is my puppy, Cammie, on Easter Sunday preparing to entertain our house guests with a little music…



 I guess that she did not think we were doing enough in the entertainment department…


It looks like she is almost ready…



She is so much fun and I have my middle son to thank for the fact that she is mine.  We had two corgis for a number of years.  The oldest, Charles Dickens, was brought on the sleigh by Santa Claus when my son was in kindergarten.  That was the year his teacher called me to say “I think you will want to know that the only item on Fulton’s wish list is pupy and he has asked me how to spell real!” (and yes that is the way he spelled puppy!)  Well, what is a mother to do?  Find the puppy!  He was a wonderful pet and companion and we had him to love for 15 years.  His companion, Lucy, came aboard a few years later and left for the rainbow bridge after only 9 years.

Son came home after Lucy had died with a little Jack Russell in his arms and said “Mom, don’t freak out!”  Of course, I immediately fell in love with her and he had named her Magnolia (very appropriate for a Mississippi dog since the Magnolia is our state tree!)  He calls her Maggie.  A few months later, after losing Dickens and Fulton moving into his own apartment, my house felt pretty empty.  Life is just no fun without a dog!  So, I began researching and looking for my new puppy and found a wonderful friend and breeder in Boxford, MA, Lisa Cioto at Diamond Gates Jack Russell Terriers.  The 6 month wait for my new girl began and I already knew her name – Camellia (another southern flowering tree)- I call her Cammie.

Since I volunteer on a regular basis at the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum the name seemed very appropriate.  Eudora and her mother, Chestina, were avid gardeners and were particularly fond of camellias.  In fact, there is an entire “Camellia Room” in the garden.  My Camellia joins me frequently in the garden, both on work days and just on neighborhood walks.

How about you?

 Do you have a great pet and companion that keeps you entertained?

 I would love to hear about that!


I leave you with this image of a group of volunteers in the Camellia Room of the Welty garden – we are called the “Cereus Weeders”.

 Go read The Optimist’s Daughter  if you need help with the meaning behind the name!!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Katie Nicholas says:

    Love these pics! Cammie is adorable. And I’ve got to go walk by the Welty house and see those flowers. Gorgeous!