Creating a Still Life With Things You Have Around The House

In preparation for a small gathering of my classmates I began grabbing things from bookshelves, tabletops and the garden.  Keeping in mind that this group has been reading Eudora Welty for the past semester, naturally I wanted to include items that were relevant to our learning.  I began in my cupboard containing larger serving pieces and found the perfect copper tray for the beginning of my centerpiece.  I am currently having an obsession in my garden  with succulents so I added two potted succulents, one on each end of the tray.  For the center I spotted a moss ball and placed it atop a pretty glazed pot.  To this I added three favorite ceramic Wolfe birds, some moss and a little preserved narcissus.

still life display

And voila!  A centerpiece for the dining table.

I was not quite ready to stop there however!  So, for the side table in the dining room I began gathering some books by Eudora Welty, as well as some other favorites.  I also included my french/english dictionary, which I use all the time!  One of my favorite books is One Writer’s Garden, co-authored by my friend and fellow cereus weeder, Susan Haltom.  I opened it to the beautiful picture of camellia blooms in a basket.  I found a pretty platter and stood it up in a plate stand and added in a succulent in a colored glass bottle, a camellia bloom from my garden in an iron camellia vase that my mother gave me years ago.  Not quite finished, I remembered that I had saved the boutonniere my husband wore for my daughter’s debut last fall (it was made with a succulent of course!).  Into a clear glass bird vase it went and I was done.

still life display

The party turned out quite nicely and the items gathered and displayed were great for conversation starters!

It is so much fun to look around your home and garden and pull together loved items to create a special vignette.  Look around and see what you have that will create a still life that will inspire you and I would love to hear about your creation!

Happy Thursday!

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