A Visit to Chanticleer


 I was so fortunate to have been able to attend the centennial meeting of The Garden Club of America this week inPhiladelphia, PA.

 The Garden Club of Jackson is my home club and I was sent as a delegate to the national meeting.

There were many highlights to the week one of which was a visit to Chanticleer located in the Wayne-St. Davids area.

 The house was completed in 1913 by Adolph Rosengarten and his wife, Christine.  The home was named after “Chanticlere” in the novel The Newcomes by Thackery.

 Two additional homes were built on the site for the Rosegarten’s son and daughter.  After the death of Adolph, Jr. the Chanticleer Foundation was formed and continues to operate the garden.

 This photo shows a portion of the ruins of Adolph Jr.’s house where this beautiful fountain is situated in front of the fireplace.  I love the way the mantel is planted!

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