Confessions of a Closet Organizer


Ughh! My closet is a mess!

I recently spent a week in Philadelphia, PA, for a meeting,

then had a bout with bronchitis, then moved my college student home for the summer, then got her packed and off to the beach –

and this is what my closet is looking like.

 It is amazing how clutter and chaos affect my mood – it is also amazing how quickly order can become chaos when routine maintenance time is neglected.

Well, enough of this – a couple of hours home alone and focused on reclaiming calm and order in my personal space so that I can be more efficient!



Yes! Yes!

Back to calm and order!

Even our tiara is straight again!

Reclaim a little order in your life today!

dog cleaning

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  1. this is wonderful. Think I could do this and make people laugh about flowers and Christmas? KK.