Wishing for Peonies


Being a gardener I have a love for every flower!  Planting a seed and watching it emerge into a plant is always a miracle to me.  I cannot help though, having a particular fondness for the peony.  I wonder if this is because of the beauty of the flower alone or if it could possibly be due to the fact that growing peonies in Jackson, Mississippi is not an easy task?  My peonies spring up every year after our mild winter, teasing me with their unfurling green foliage tipped in red.  Every year or so they provide me with a bloom – that is correct one single bloom per plant!


Two summers ago my husband and I  were lucky enough to go to Vermont with friends for a weeklong vacation.  We knew that we would love the cooler weather there and were looking forward to finding many covered bridges as well as finding our way through the scenic towns.  What I was not prepared for was the abundant, prolific peonies!  They were everywhere!


On every corner there would appear another glorious bunch!


In the garden of the home we were visiting.


There were so many that we could cut them for bouquets without a regret!  Now, at home when one of my plants surprises me with a bloom I would never cut it!


The beautiful peony!  Wishing………..

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  1. Katie Nicholas says:

    We were suprised to find peonies in our Maryland yard this spring from the previous owner. So happy to have them!

  2. Janet ingram says:

    I hope you have many lovely peonies in your future!


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