Memorial Day Reflection

I remember hearing the stories as a young girl, my parents reflections of the years spent

in Germany when my Dad was in the Army.  He was drafted as a very young newlywed

and after training was stationed in Germany for two years post World War II.  My Mother

was able to spend much of the time with him, thankfully.  They made good friends and were

able to travel to beautiful places.  However, two years away from home and family was

not always easy.  The young men serving in the aftermath of the war were protecting

our country and many others.  They are heroes in my book!  Over time, as I learned more

about the war and the effects it had on myriad countries and individuals, the stories took on

a different note.


My Dad in about 1956

The true sacrifice of service to country is one that we should all be grateful for each and every day.


Home on leave in 1957, at my Mother’s home.  Her Father had died that year and the place is set but

nobody could sit in his chair.  Yes, his military service was a sacrifice.  He is a great man and I am blessed to

have had him as a father, role model and friend!

I love you Daddy!

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Martha Nicholson says:

    I love your blogs Marsha! I look forward to them so much. Well done. Xoxox…. I have been digging in the dirt all day….headed to the shower then out to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have 4 prized peonies that I will NOT cut! 🙂 Enjoy the the rest of you holiday…. ( today would have been Daddy’s 91st birthday). He would have liked your blog especially today. luv… Martha.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Oh thanks! So glad to hear from you and I was thinking about Ed all day long! He would have had lots of stories to tell also! I have a meeting with a computer literate person next week to help me really figure this out. Happy Memorial Day to you and Elliot! Miss you both and hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading me!

  2. Dorsey Wade says:

    Martha has just given me the link to your blog and I am looking forward to all your posts. Have 3 kiddies over here today and will spend the afternoon playing Maj Jongg and taking Coop to swimming lessons then his baseball game. Summer in Memphis!!