Why Write About Eudora Welty?

As I was considering subject matter for the Welty on Wednesday post for this week, I asked myself – Why are you writing about Eudora Welty in this blog?

Eudora Welty

 This is sort of an ah-hah moment for me, surprisingly!  I have been contemplating why I am drawn to exploring Miss Welty’s life.  Yes, I love to read her stories and I am very happy to be involved with a great group of women who volunteer in the garden, but, oh my, it is so much more than that!


Suzanne Marrs writes in her book Eudora Welty A Biography, “She loved the natural beauty of her native Mississippi, the scale and pace of life, the close friends she had there.”  These are some of the reasons that I am drawn to remembering her as much more than a beloved author.  Miss Welty lived a beautiful and stylish life and just happened to do so, for the most part, on the street where I live.

Beauty, style and order are the things that have driven me to work with people in various aspects of creating “home”.  There is also the bit of humor that is necessary to me for living a well rounded life. ( When you live with a Jack Russell there is something to laugh about every day.)

 One of the things that draws me to read Miss Welty’s work is her sense of humor.

 I found myself laughing out loud

as I read Losing Battles, a novel that is as tragic as it is humorous.

Miss Welty must have been as visually aware as anyone who ever lived.  Her ability to see everything around her and then describe it so that you feel as if  you have actually stepped into a room, situation or garden, is genius.

And so, the fit for me between Eudora Welty and my blog is perfect.

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