The Planning and Packing of a Wardrobe


I have been working with one of my favorite clients over the past two weeks getting her packed up and ready to spend several months in her mountain home.  (Smart lady to get out of the Mississippi summer heat and humidity!)  This is the third year we have worked together to make sure she has everything here closed up and is prepared for anything when she arrives there.  This job always involves a day or two of paper work initially, and then we move into her closet to play dress up intentionally plan for her wardrobe needs from July through September.  There may be a little shopping trip retail therapy involved just to have some fresh tee shirts or accessories to perk up her already fabulous wardrobe.

 During the planning process we are also moving winter clothes to cedar storage, making a list of any items needing alteration or repair and, of course, culling out the things that have not been worn in the past year to prepare them for donation.  We will pack carefully and ship her wardrobe so that it arrives at the same time she does.

This year, while she is in the mountains, I get to spend some time in her Jackson home playing house intentionally de-cluttering and restyling her home office.

I love working with people to create their own beautiful, stylish, orderly lives!


And sometimes I even get to play a little dress-up!

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