Collecting a Room


Well said Suzanne Kasler!  I drew this onto my chalkboard wall not long ago and it is currently my inspiration for decorating collecting a new room for my daughter – a junior in college, we are now decorating collecting her third room in three years.  Hopefully, she will stay put in this location for more than twelve months (wishful thinking).

The first year was the dorm room decorating challenge, this one we decorated because she had not collected much of anything at that time!

The big picture

The big picture

Click/Clack for sleepovers

Click/Clack for sleepovers

Hidden refrigerator

Hidden refrigerator

Stacked beds

Stacked beds

The next year found us moving into an apartment complex off campus with sorority sisters.  The apartment was furnished (to some degree) but we found that it still needed a few additions.


We ordered the headboard and attached it to the wall.


We created art with fabric stretched over canvases and “framed” with painter’s tape.



Desk and chair were there and we later added a burlap cork board with her monogram embroidered in orange. (Look for it in the future collected room!)


We added this little chest for more storage.  (It will get a slight makeover for the new collected room.)


We also added the ladder storage in her bath.

Now I find myself perusing catalogs, websites and local stores for the additions that the new room requires.  It will be fun to see how we will reuse the items that we have collected so far on the college journey.

What about you?  Collected or decorated?

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