The Empty Nest

Today my daughter will head back to college for a semester of summer school.  Tomorrow’s morning walk will be a little lonely.  The house will feel a little empty.
PicMonkey Collage birdi nest
The nest will once again have extra room and I will need to gather up some ideas and projects to fill the space.
I am reminded of a book I read long ago – Feathers From My Nest – but I can’t go there or I will be in a puddle!
I will get busy finding the finishing touches for the new/old room of hers.
Stay tuned!
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  1. Ann Drake says:

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s dreadful but keeping busy helps!

  2. Dorsey Wade says:

    You know I suffered so when my nest was empty for the first time but the first time I heard happiness in my daughter’s voice, I was OK. I think when you have such a big personality like CF and my Su you feel the loss more.


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