Flower Power: A Trip to Garden Works

I left the house a few days ago headed to my client’s for a work day and just as I arrived learned that she was not feeling well, so we rescheduled.

Well, a whole day without a plan, what to do?

I decided pretty quickly to head to one of my favorite places – Garden Works


This is what greets you when you drive up…


And, July is the best time to go because of their awesome “Bonus Bucks” program…

Garden Works

You get to collect these all during the year and use them to pay HALF of your bill during July and August!

I really loved these guys and may have to go back for them…


The shade coleus were so pretty and I chose several…

Garden Works

The displays are always so pretty…

Garden Works

Garden Works

Garden Works

And I bought several of the coleus which can take some sun…

Garden Works

The loot…

Garden Works

The front border back at home, can you find any of the new loot?

Pinehurst Garden

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  1. LOVELY! and you need those heads – or I do!!

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Ok thanks! I will head out there tomorrow and get them – after all, I have all those Bonus bucks!!