Living Life With Gratitude

 Years ago I began a personal journey with the book Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach, a book of daily readings that has led me to many discoveries. One of the most meaningful things I have done as a result of reading Simple Abundance has been the keeping of a gratitude journal.  The author tells us that this exercise will “nurture your creativity” and “could change the quality of your life beyond belief”.

I find when I am putting this into practice in daily life, it really does accomplish both of those things.

Simple Abundance

While walking this morning and thinking about the day ahead, I was reminded of this exercise.

So today’s gratitude journal entry for me is vision.  I am grateful for my vision.

Number one: I am grateful to be able to enjoy the beauty of the Magnolia, our state flower…


Number two: I am grateful for the visual stimulation that a bouquet of flowers from my garden brings…


Number three: I am grateful for the sighting of another feather to add to my cache…


Number four: I am grateful for having “good enough” vision (with reading glasses!) to be able to work with my hands.

 I completed the joining together of these two Elizabeth Bradley canvases last night…


My “vision” for what this will become is to be revealed later!

Number five:  I am grateful for the (assisted) vision that enables me to read a book like Simple Abundance.

I usually try to have five items on my list but if I have a day when I can only be grateful for one thing that is okay too.

Imagine my wonder when in church this morning  one of the hymns for today was

“Be Thou My Vision”.

Coincidence?  I think not!

Have a wonderful Sunday…

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