On Princes and Princesses

Here is the thing, Princes and Princesses do not come with manuals.

As a parent you do the best you can with what you have every day.

They bring your happiest day and your most difficult day.

All wrapped in that tiny bundle that you bring home from the hospital.

 The excitement over the new Prince across the pond has me remembering…

another young prince…

Prince William baby photo

and another…


Do you see the resemblance?  Of course, I am talking about the clothes!

When my children were small I loved to smock and sew and I remember being so pleased when I saw the picture of Prince William in that outfit -the one I had made!  I am sure that the royal seamstresses were responsible for his but I think that mine makes the statement also!

So welcome to the new prince and here is me hoping that the royal seamstresses are hard at work!

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