Diana Vreeland

“I have a terrible time remembering exactly when my birthday is.  Age is totally boring…”

– Diana Vreeland

Well, today is the day, and so we remember…

Diana Vreeland

“Red is the great clarifier – bright, cleansing, revealing.  It makes all colors beautiful.  I can’t imagine being bored with it – it would be like becoming tired of the person you love.  I wanted this apartment to be a garden – but it had to be a garden in hell.” -Diana Vreeland

Her travels are recorded in the documentary called The Eye has to Travel  which debuted in September 2012.

The Eye has to Travel

While working for Harper’s Bazaar she wrote a  column called “Why Don’t You?”

An example of a topic for the column…

“Why don’t you wash your blond child’s hair in dead champagne, as they do in France?”

When John F. Kennedy became president, Diana Vreeland gave style advice to the new First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

“I can remember Jackie Kennedy, right after she moved into the White House…It wasn’t even like a country club, if you see what I mean-plain.”

Vreeland continued to give occasional advice throughout the administration, including Mrs. Kennedy’s attire for Inauguration Day in 1961.

Jackie Kennedy

One final note…

“Where would fashion be without literature?”-Diana Vreeland

 a thank you to P. Gaye Tapp from Little Augury for the mention in her post today on William Faulkner.

I hope your week is filled with fashion and literature!

photos from dianavreeland.com

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