Welty on Wednesday: Flower Imagery

Reading Welty, one quickly becomes aware of her love of flowers and gardening through her use of flower imagery.

 Miss Welty was so acutely aware of  her surroundings and had the ability to translate her observations into writing so that when reading,

you feel as if you are in the scene, seeing all that she describes in technicolor, smelling the smells and being immersed in the experiences.

A few of my favorite examples…

from Losing Battles, “…as Lady May gazed at him, her eyes opened all the way like vinca flowers at midday…”


from The Optimist’s Daughter “Laurel’s eye traveled among the urns that marked the graves of the McKelvas and saw the favorite camellia of her father’s, the old-fashioned Chandlerii Elegans, that he had planted on her mother’s grave – now big as a pony, saddled with unplucked bloom living and dead, standing on  a carpet of its own flowers.”

chandleri elegans

from Delta Wedding, “…They could play an endless game of hide-and-seek in so many rooms and up and down the halls that intersected and turned into dead-end porches and rooms full of wax begonias and elephant’s-ears, or rooms full of trunks.  She remembered the nights – the moon vine, the everblooming Cape jessamines, the verbena smelling under running feet, the lateness of dancers…”

wax begonia/elephants ear

cape jessamine, moon vine, verbena

from Delta Wedding, “…the victrola stood like a big morning glory..”

morning glory

Eudora Welty on writing…

“I would just as soon write out of a dream, out of  music, out of love, out of a beautiful day, out of anything except out of craft – because I think no story is perfect but all of them seem more like a little road, leading from one thing bigger than the writer into some other thing which should be also bigger than the writer.  Perhaps it is all because I love magic things instead of clever things…”

Hoping for some magic things today…




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