Welty on Wednesday: June Recital and Some Flowers

June Recital

The brown bag group met this week to discuss the short story “June Recital” from The Golden Apples.

Eudora Welty loved the poetry of William Butler Yeats and the influence of his poem The Song of Wandering Aengus  is very evident in this story.

Listen to the poem here

The ladies in this discussion group are all brilliant and when I leave the meeting my head is usually spinning with all of the symbolism that they find in Miss Welty’s stories.

What stands out to me from this discussion is the “quest for perfection” (which is doomed)

and the way this ties into the character of Miss Eckhart.  The final lines of the poem…

“The silver apples of the moon,

The golden apples of the sun.”

The reference is to alchemy and the impossible quest to unite gold and silver – the quest for perfection, doomed.

One member of the group related her piano recital experience (let’s just say the memory is not a pleasant one!)

The picture at the top of this post is my football player /baseball player/pianist #2 son.  The recital memories around here are fraught with stress also – he was usually scrambling around an hour before the recital still working on his piece (daughter always had hers prepared!).

This idyllic picture was taken by Chris Grillis as part of #2’s senior portraits.

 I love it so much and do have many happy memories of listening to him play!

Here are some photos taken in the garden today…

cedar vine, black eyed susan

rose, garden

rose, garden

cedar vine black eyed susan

black eyed susan

We had two of the nicest visitors in the garden today, two ladies on their way from Atlanta to Dallas, stopped by for a tour.  We exchanged names and contact information and hope to meet up with them again soon.

I hope you made a new friend today!

dogs making friends

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