A Patriotic Flower Arrangement

This patriotic flower arrangement happened quite by accident today.  Returning from our morning walk, Cammie and I saw this canna lily bloom bent over to the ground. While trying to stake it, I heard a snap.  So nothing to do but break it off and bring it inside to enjoy.

Patriotic Flower Arrangement

I got out this favorite blue vase (given to me by a friend on the occasion of her son’s engagement party) and cut a few more stems, to come up with what turned out to be a patriotic arrangement!  Oh, and another added surprise was #2 son showing up and sitting down at the piano in the living room right behind it.  You met him in an earlier post Welty on Wednesday: June Recital

Patriotic Arrangement

Patriotic Arrangement

I hope you have some happy unexpected surprises this weekend too!

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