Making An Entrance: A Tribute To Artist Miriam Weems

Two years ago I was in Oxford helping my daughter make her entrance into the freshman dormitory when I received the news that my dear friend

Miriam Weems was critically ill.

  A few hours later I learned of her entrance into heaven.

Miriam was colorful, full of life and loving of all people and creatures.

It is an understatement to say that a room lit up when she entered.

Everything that I associate with Miriam is colorful.

The entrance to her Belhaven Studio is proof…

entrance, Miriam Weems Studio

The entrance was sometimes red and sometimes pink but always bright!

 I love the little sign that greeted…

Miriam Weems Studio, entrance

I love it so much that I painted my own so that I would always remember how it felt to enter there…

Watercolor entree

that day two years ago, before I left Oxford,

the ladies at Oxford Floral helped me put together a colorful swag for the entrance to her Oxford home…

Oxford home of Miriam Weems

Earlier in the year, Miriam had a part as an extra in the film The Help which was  filmed in Mississippi.

 One of the last things she did was visit the theater to see the film again – I like to think of her making her entrance into heaven as a movie star!

In a tribute at her funeral, her brother talked about the Rainbow Bridge

poem here

and how all of Miriam’s beloved pets were waiting for her to make her entrance there.

Yes, colorful entrances were the norm for Miriam!

I am still here missing you friend!

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  1. Betty Allin says:


  2. Kay Patterson says:

    Well said, Marsha.

  3. Charlie Brenner says:


  4. Howard Jones says:

    We never stop missing those we love.

  5. Ingrid taylor says:

    Her friendship keeps on giving as you do to us ,thanks for the gift Marsha!!!

  6. Dick Wilson says:

    Thank you, Marsha. A lovely tribute to my sister whom I miss every day. Just got in from Little Rock where I met Miriam Knowlton born August 15! Just beautiful. Sister would be so happy.

    • says:

      I am so glad you found this. I was looking for your email earlier today. Just the beginning of my photos from her studio. I am so happy about little Miriam, how fitting! I cannot wait to meet her. Love to you and Lester.

  7. Sweet and lovely!

  8. Pat Weir says:


    I love all of your postings, but, especially this one. My sisters and I stayed in the Oxford cottage about 12 years ago when my nephew graduated from Ole Miss. She was so darling. I loved her art. She was the friendliest person any where in the south. I am so glad you brought back her memories.

    • says:

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the post! I loved Miriam so much and still miss her a lot. The Oxford house was so charming as was everything she did. I was with another Jackson artist a few days ago – Tay Morgan – her mother and Miriam were childhood friends and she and Miriam were actually in school at Ole Miss together as art majors. She had great stories and one that will be a part of a post about Tay and some paintings that Miriam did for her family. Thanks for reading!