Walking Around The Mississippi Craft Show

The Mississippi Craft Show is in full swing this weekend in Jackson.  The show is in its’ second year and showcases the work of many talented Mississippi craftsmen and artists.  I love the way this event highlights the talents of folks in Mississippi and at the same time raises money for the needs of homeless animals by benefitting The Miriam Wilson Weems Kennel of the Animal Rescue Fund

Miriam Weems, Animal Rescue Fund

Spoiler alert: some of you may be unwrapping something seen here when Christmas rolls around!

The show was so well done with a great mix of different talents from pottery to painting, woodworking to glass crafting and everything in between.

All of the artists and craftsmen that I met were delightful and each one was so gracious when I asked permission to photograph.  I will link to each of their sites and hope you enjoy visiting to see more of their work.

The mother-daughter team of Lynn Barnwell and Rebecca McCalla started their business, Hinkle Creek Pottery in 1999.  They are from Corinth and each piece of their pottery is one of a kind.  I love the colors and designs…

pottery, bowls, mugs, platters

pottery, bowls, mugs, platters

pottery, bowls, mugs, platters

pottery, ornaments

The wonderful whimsical paintings of Julia Eves really called out to me.  She uses vintage and reclaimed materials to create her modern folk art.

  Her favorite subjects are animals, flowers and birds – all done in bright colors.

 Julia is from Columbia and the name of her business is Junebug Art, visit her etsy shop

folk art, vintage

folk art, vintage

Carolyn Weir, from Natchez specializes in mobile sculptures and watercolor. The mobiles are unique and interesting and I truly love her watercolors.

Her business is Skysetter Mobiles & Art

watercolor, skysetter mobiles & art

Miranda Jordan, a mixed media artist, paints on glass. Her creations are a plethora of bright jewel colored confections.

She named her business Randam Art

an anagram of her first name…

glass, paint, bottles

glass, paint, bottles

glass, paint

Carla and Roger Sturdivant are the couple who create the wonderful fused glass creations that I came back to several times.

 Their business Fused Glass is in Florence…

fused glass

fused glass

The vintage jewelry that Janice Downs makes is gorgeous.  Her business is Upcycled Vintage Jewelry Designs

I will take one in each color please…

vintage jewelry

vintage jewelry

The mosaics that Susan Farris makes are formed with hand cut glass tiles applied to natural stone.  She had tiles reflecting such Mississippi sites as Highway 61 and Little White Churches as well as pretty flowers, crosses and Mississippi State cowbells –  all cheerful and colorful.

 Her business, Simply More Mosaics is located in Brandon…

tile mosaics

It is such a small world, I met an artist whose son and daughter-in-law are neighbors and friends.  She is Becky Cupples of Bekart Studio and

 the painting of the little dog is what pulled me in – I wonder why…

art, painting

Chris Hunt of Hardwood Logic truly does create functional art.  The cutting boards are so pretty that it would be difficult to approach one with a sharp blade.  He insists however, that is exactly what they are created for…

wooden cutting boards

wooden cutting boards

I loved the burlap bags fashioned by Caroline Hobbs of Painted Oyster

burlap bag

The mixed media art of Michele Goolsby is inspired by her  best friend of 23 years who lost her life to breast cancer. Her business is Paintin’ Divas  all of her creations pay homage to their friendship and they are all beautiful…

bulldog painting

dog painting


animal paintings

This is but the tip of the iceberg friends!  The show is open this afternoon and if you catch the post in time I hope that you will run- not walk- to the Mississippi Trademart to enjoy all of the spectacular talent from across our state.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Katie Breese says:

    I love reading your blog! K

  2. Great blog! Thanks. (of course, I would have my mouth open!)We enjoyed the show. Lots of pet lovers!

  3. I am so sorry I forgot to post a comment when I first visited, I was on a mobile device and I hate typing on my phone so I had planned to come back on a computer and only just managed to get here!

    Thank you so much for including me in your article, I love the photos you took of everyone. I can certainly see why you kept coming back to some of the exhibitors, everyone’s booth was so appealing. I am honored that you selected my booth as one of your highlighted exhibitors, I know you had tons of options – everywhere you looked there was something wonderful to see at the show!

    I am so pleased you enjoyed your visit! I hope we see you again next time! Thank you again!

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment! I enjoyed the show very much and agree with you – tons of talent in Mississippi! I have my eye on a couple of things from your booth for Christmas gifts so will be seeing you soon!