As I Lay Dying

The September issue of Social South magazine arrived yesterday with Ahna O’Reilly on the cover

and building excitement for the movie As I Lay Dying,

which received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival

trailer here

As I Lay Dying

Movie poster

William Faulkner’s novel, written in the 1920s tells the story of the family Bundren

facing the death of their matriarch and dealing with her dying wish

to be buried in her native town of Jefferson, about 40 miles away.

As Addie lays dying she quips

“My father used to say that the reason for living

was to get ready to stay dead a long time.”

O’Reilly will be remembered by fans of the movie The Help

for her role as Elizabeth Leefolt…

elizabeth leefolt

as Elizabeth Leefolt via google images

Here she plays the only daughter in the family,

sister to four brothers,

Dewey Dell…

Dewey Dell

as Dewey Dell via google images


James Franco directs and stars in the movie which was filmed in the Mississippi towns of Canton and Learned.

 When asked if she was enjoying her stay in Mississippi Ahna told Social South magazine,

“Yes, enormously! It’s beautiful and the people we have been with are wonderful.  I don’t want to leave!”

She also told them that she would be returning to film another Faulkner classic,

 The Sound and The Fury, also to be directed by Franco.

The family’s trek with homemade casket atop wagon…

As I Lay Dying

via google images

leads them through flood and fire,

they meet with injury and accident and are all in personal turmoil…

As I Lay Dying

Bundren family via google images

  The buzzards circling the casket are probably detecting the demise of the entire family.

As I Lay Dying

Movie poster

 The reviews I have read are mixed but I am looking forward to seeing this film.

How about you?

 Have you read As I Lay Dying?

 Will you see the film?






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  1. I read the book in high school. Probably not the best idea, since depth in literature escaped me entirely then. When I read the last word, I went back to the first and reread it, thinking I might comprehend something from it. Nada. I was just too young. I think I should make the effort to read it again and hope that I am wise enough to “get it” this time. I do want to see the movie. Missing Mississippi.

    • says:

      I so agree, so much is unappreciated at that age and appears totally different when viewed from this perspective!

  2. I think I must! though likely on the small screen. can’t wait to hear your review. pgt

    • says:

      I will be there as soon as I see that it arrives – in Jackson we have to wait for releases, sometimes weeks, but hopefully this one will come to us quickly!