Decorating With Antlers

I have an affinity for decorating with antlers.

I don’t really know why since nobody in my family is bringing me hunting trophies or anything.

I like the way they add dimension to a wall…

antlers, decorating

they add interest to a grouping…

antlers, dan carithers

Dan Carithers

they are actually functional…

antler chair

antlers, decorating

they warm up a space…

antlers, decorating

they contribute to a collage…

antlers, collage

they look pretty with a pattern…


antlers, Elle Decor

they help make an entrance…


they create symmetry…


they light up a room…


they can be dressed up (I love the gold stenciling)…


they are a focal point…

antlers, Selfridges

a corner display in my home…

antlers, decorate

antlers, decorate

they are functional for me…

antlers, decorate

and if you are already thinking about your Halloween costume…

antlers, decorating

Do you use antlers in decorating?

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  1. I loved this post! We have enjoyed decorating with antlers at St. Martin’s Gallery.
    Great pictures!
    Anne Guion

    • says:

      Thanks Anne! Look forward to seeing you next week at St. Martin’s, have a great weekend!

  2. I’ll bet you could figure out a pretty cute way to decorate one for Christmas. Balls. Tinsel. Lights.
    Or go all colonial and add fruits and leaves and maybe a candle or ten.

  3. says:

    I actually have draped garland around another one at Christmas!!

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