New Friends and Old Friends

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold.”

I remember this song lyric from my days as a girl scout and it really rings true this week.  We spent last weekend in Austin with some “new” friends. Mr. Doctor’s sister has been friends with the couple for quite some time and they so graciously hosted the three of us in their home for a fun football weekend.

Welcome to Austin

 The husband is a wine enthusiast and in his retirement is enjoying brokering and conducting wine tastings, as you can imagine he has quite the wine cellar.  He also happens to enjoy cooking and provided a delicious repast along with the wonderful wines!

My wine glass for the weekend..

wine, glass

appropriate, don’t you think?

I love a french rose’ and it was so much fun tasting these…

wine, rose'

love this label…
wine, rose'

a lovely snack….


and the dinner preparations…



Sorry ya’ll, it was so good that I didn’t take time to snap the finished product.  Trust me, delicious!

We saw all the sights, here is Lake Austin with the water level so low because of the drought but still beautiful…

Lake Austin

pretty flowers on their deck…

flowers IMG_2273 IMG_2272

Cappuccino, another new friend…


What a wonderful weekend!

Now for the “old” friends…

Sunday night’s arrival back home met us with sad news.  Our longtime more-than-just-a-friend had passed away peacefully after a prolonged struggle.  Yes, a release for her but still a big empty hole here for all of us.  We have spent the week with family members and friends here in Jackson, from Atlanta and Memphis remembering a very special lady.

Our first home purchase placed us not only right next door to this special couple but with our back yards  adjoining.  With my own mother a few hours away, the wife quickly became my “in-town” mother.  We spent many happy hours together on the corner of Whitworth and Carlisle and my family was welcomed into theirs completely.

We lost the husband a year and a half ago and I know that they are happy to be together again.

There are so many happy memories…

Some of the best are from high school football when we would all four load up and drive to games all over the state to watch our son  play and daughter cheer.

Happy memories…

Clara Frances and Lady Bettye

Adieu, Lady Bettye…

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  1. Donna Lander says:

    Lady Bettye will be missed so very much.

  2. Eleanor Fontaine says:

    Beautiful photographs, and a loving farewell to Bettye,who will sorely missed.k

  3. Debbie Cannon says:

    I absolutely love the pic of Clara Frances and Lady Bettye! She will be missed.

  4. Martha Nicholson says:

    Loved the blog today…. Mama would have loved it too! :). The photo of Clara Frances with Mama says it all……