A Fall Flower Arrangement

I accidentally ended up with a beautiful fall flower arrangement today.  In an upcoming story the reason for my purchase of this gigantic, gorgeous fall mixed bouquet will be revealed.  Anyway, lucky me, I ended up with this bunch of beauty to arrange!…

Fall Flower Arrangement

It even contained a huge hydrangea…

hydrangea, sunflower

Cammie rested while I arranged…

hydrangea, sunflower, Cammie

Later in the day I headed out to Oxford for daughter’s bid day celebration

(this will play a role in the reason for the bouquet purchase)

and guess what?

The spider lilies are springing up here too!

spider lilies

everyone enjoys a flower arrangement, right?…

dog with flower collar

image via http://blog.pinkcloud9.com/2012/07/20/9-tips-for-a-dog-day-wedding/

Have a great week!

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