Reinventing A Family Entryway

I am pleased to share the results of a recent project –

reinventing a family entryway.

My client and her husband have three children, the youngest being a senior in high school this year, and so the function of their family entryway is in transition. A wonderful space, the entry has housed backpacks, lunch boxes, sports gear, keys – the necessities of life for a busy family.

 As it happens, people run in and out the back door,

dropping on the way in – grabbing on the way out,

and the space serves as central station!

She has fabulous built in shelving and bench with pretty fabric on the seat cushion and throw pillows making this job a dream come true.

  One of her goals was to move a cookbook collection out of her private office space,

so the shelving in the entryway served as a perfect repository.

Here is how it looked when we started…


the glass bottle collection immediately catches my eye and I can’t wait to give it a more prominent display…


We begin by emptying the shelves…

back entrance to house

The bottles are moved to the top shelf and two of the pretty baskets are placed to bookend the collection…

shelving for entrance to house

I love the blue and white cachepot that we found in the kitchen, it repeats the blue and white in the fabrics and pulls the eye upward…

back entrance to house

 in come the cookbooks…

shelving for cookbooks

A little more “shopping around the house” produced a couple of more blue and  white pieces and an aged clay pot, again repeating a detail in the fabric…

accessories on shelves

a few lemons and limes complete the vignette…

accessories on shelves

The pillows are fluffed and voila…

accessories on shelves

A stylish, organized transition from garage to home…

accessories on shelves

I am pleased with the result and happy for my client to have created space in her office that will make it more efficient.

When I received word that the husband approved saying, “it sets the tone for the house”, I knew we had achieved success!

It is so much fun for me to help people stylishly organize and reinvent their personal spaces!

dog cleaning

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  1. sally randall says:

    I love this !!! This exactly what I need! I have the same space coming in my back door. thank you so much for sharing! …ps love the horseshoes!

  2. Kandy Sims says:

    Looks great!! I love to fluff a bookshelf!! The blue and white is pretty!

  3. Just love what you did! Really makes it a welcoming space.

  4. Martha Nicholson says:

    Nice transformation….love the dog at the end!

  5. It looks beautiful! Shopping in the home is the best – and sometimes the beginning of many changes for the better. Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired to move some things around at my home now. 😉
    His blessings,

    • says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy that it gave you a little inspiration. Have a wonderful day!