The Oak Park Home And Studio Of Frank Lloyd Wright

I enjoyed a visit to the Oak Park home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright yesterday…

Frank Lloyd Wright

The logo at the corner is a cross within a circle within a square, representing infinity, integrity  and tangibility.

At the entry to the studio, the columns are capped by plaster castings which are the color of bronze.  The design reflects Wright’s symbolism.  The book of knowledge issues from the tree of life, symbolizing natural growth.  From the tree unrolls an architectural scroll and on either side are sentry storks, symbolizing wisdom and fertility…

Frank Lloyd Wright

He lived and worked here from 1889 to 1909.

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  1. Susan Haltom says:

    We visited this house about ten years ago and it is fabulous! I loved seeing FLW’s studio there, and I marveled at how he manipulated indoor space and emphasized passages from one room into another one of more importance. A walk around the neighborhood shows many other wonderful Arts and Crafts era homes and gardens. They must look charming now with fall colors all about!