A Corner Garden In Belhaven

There is a garden at the corner of Peachtree Street and Poplar Boulevard in Belhaven.

It is a garden cultivated on a small strip of ground, not by a homeowner as it is city property, but by a neighbor, a volunteer, a person intent on bringing beauty to the surroundings of all.  I am acquainted with the gentleman but only as a passer-by, having a little garden speak while dog walking occasionally.  What a neighborly thing to do!

Right now he has Stokesia, Stokes aster, blooming prolifically…

Stokes aster

sunflowers smiling…


greeting all who pass by…


A corner garden in Belhaven for all to enjoy!


dog in sunflower

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  1. sally randall says:

    the dog is just too cute! and flowers are beautiful

  2. Martha Nicholson says:

    The sunflower dog was such an unexpected surprise! Great way to start my day. Thx Marsha ….

  3. mnestorc@aol.com says:

    Love the sunflower dog!!