Do You Remember Hildi’s Flower Bathroom From Trading Spaces?

Did you watch the decorating show Trading Spaces and do you remember Hildi’s flower bathroom?

It was the show where two neighbors traded rooms and redecorated them on a one thousand dollar budget?

 I was a huge fan!

The famous flower bathroom was located in the Jackson area and was created with 7000 silk flowers stapled to the wall…

flower bathroom

If my memory serves me, the flowers came down pretty quickly after the episode aired.

On an unrelated note, Hildi also famously glued hay to the walls in another makeover to the chagrin of the neighbors and homeowners…

Trading Spaces room with hay

Once again, I believe this was immediately undone!

What got me thinking about the flower bathroom was a bedroom in the November issue of House Beautiful.

In Phoebe Howard’s lavender bedroom, plastic flowers made by artist Carson Fox are displayed “cascading down a wall covered in a Casamance fabric”…

Phoebe Howard design

While the effect here is much more pleasing than the 7000 silk flowers stapled to the bathroom wall, it still has me wondering

how will I dust this?

Phoebe Howard design

What do you think?

 Will you have flowers cascading down the walls?

dog with purples flowers

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  1. So totally un-Phoebe Howard. Yuck. All I see is a massive dust & dirt collector!!