Welty On Wednesday: Camellias on the Train

I am always excited when the first buds appear on the camellias in early fall.  It is still so hot here that I really just run out for a minute, count the buds and run right back in to the air conditioning!  They start out so small and tight and green – a promise though of cooler weather and beautiful blooms…

camellia bud

Then comes the day when the first pop of color appears – yes, cooler weather and camellias are coming…

camellia bud

I love the story related by my friends Susan Haltom and Jane Roy Brown in their book One Writer’s Garden: Eudora Welty’s Home Place about Chestina sending Eudora camellias on the train.


Camellias on the Train

One Writer's Garden

One Writer's Garden

the first bloom appeared in my garden this week…


Camellia with Camellia…


Do you have camellias and are any of yours opening yet?


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  1. Kandy Sims says:

    I have lots of buds, no camellias yet!! I love them, they remind me of my grandmother .