Do You Like to Hike?

I do a lot of walking in my neighborhood but have never really done much hiking, and I am wondering, do you like to hike?

Mr. Doctor and I returned Wednesday morning from a trip out west to visit number 2 son who is spending a semester on an outward bound venture.  Our visit naturally included a hike in the mountains where he has been spending so much time.  We had a great group of young men and their parents, one family even braved bringing their fifteen month old nephew along for the ride.

 Here is our group ready to take on a very rocky mountain hike…

Utah Hike

Our guide told us before we set out to expect to get a little wet and maybe a little dirty.  Well that translates to soaked and filthy to be perfectly honest.

 This was beautiful terrain, very rocky, steep and with a fresh snow…

Utah Hike

Mr. Doctor, Number 2 son and me ready to take on the mountain…

Utah Hike

The scenery was really breathtaking…

Utah Hike

If you do not do much hiking let me tell you one very important thing – going up is much easier than coming down!

Here we are at the summit of our trek…

Utah Hike

Ok, yes, I will try to smile and not look down…

Utah Hike

I was actually very proud to have made it thus far, never mind the apprehensive look on my face…

Utah Hike

It was so amazing here at the top, right at the foot of a cave where hikers frequently find evidence of ancient life, always respectful to leave things as they are here in these national parks…

Well anyway, what goes up must come down right?

Utah Hike

Talk to me after you have descended this partially on foot, partially on your seat, and if you are me, partially on your back!

I could hardly wait to tell you about how terrifying amazing this experience was for me.

(One of my fellow hikers who also happens to be a mother said that they should have told us to wear our depends for this adventure!)

Really, I was terrific petrified much of the time.  After all this is what we descended…

Utah Hike

I am sure you are all cheering for me right now and that you are so impressed with my prowess at hiking!

(Don’t ever tell number 2 son that I said anything about being amazing at this hiking thing because I would actually still be on top of that mountain were it not for him)

Thankfully my son-turned-man-overnight was there at every twist and turn to cheer me on and help me down!  We had a truly amazing time with him and I would not trade it for anything but I have to tell you that it feels good to be blogging from my dining room table with clean hair tonight!

I love him…I am so proud of him…and I miss him…

Utah Hike

Happy Hiking…

hike with dog

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  1. Ingrid taylor says:

    I am so proud of you!!!And your Son!!

  2. I’m cracking up! You are so clever with the written word. I’m glad you are down safely. You may need one more soak in the tub!!

  3. Susan Haltom says:

    What an amazing adventure! I am proud of you all. Thanks for sharing this with us.