Let’s Trim The Tree

On Pinehurst Place “Let’s Trim The Tree” is not really an accurate statement.  Truthfully it is a little more like “I Trim The Tree”!  That’s really alright since the small tree I decorate in the family room is more like taking a trip down memory lane for me.  On this tree I place all the hand made childhood ornaments, many of the milestone ornaments and special ornaments given to the children through the years.

Each one invokes a special memory.

There is this one – a little blue stick horse for a little boy born on December 16th – I write this on his 27th birthday – purchased for him from the hospital gift shop by his great-grandmother, my paternal grandmother…

Christmas ornaments

The doily angel is a favorite…

Christmas Ornaments

Fire truck fascination was a fixture for many years.

Today daughter and I headed out to find a fire truck for a special three year old…

Christmas Ornaments

Glitter always made everything more glamorous…

Christmas Ornaments

There were the Christmas piano concerts always marked with an ornament from our sweet teacher…

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

As I place this one I am wondering what made me leave the little gift tag affixed for all these years.  Surely one year I must have thought that I should remove it before hanging the ornament.  This is the first year for Christmas to come without one of these brothers-married-to-sisters in our earthly midst.  And so this year this is the ornament that speaks the loudest and I know now why I never removed the little handwritten greeting.

For Your Tree Creed From Miss Bettye and Mr. Ed…

Christmas Ornaments

I hope your tree brings you half this much joy…

Christmas Ornaments


dogs with christmas tree

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  1. These are the most precious ornaments, aren’t they? They are what makes Christmas so special and personal! Thanks for sharing, and your pictures are so good!

  2. sally randall says:

    love the horse one;;;;:)))) cute cute cute ornaments!

  3. mnestorc@aol.com says:

    Love them all, the horse is really special to me as it reminds of my grandmother each time I hang it!

  4. Martha Nicholson says:

    Well…you know my favorite. Xoxox Merry Christmas!