The Twelfth Day Of Christmas And The Polar Bear Plunge

Can you believe that we are here – the twelfth day of Christmas?

If you have been reading along you will know that we spent last week in Portland, Maine, visiting number 2 son.

Part of our journey in Maine was viewing the infamous “Polar Bear Plunge”.

You know where a group of crazy brave people run toward the ocean and dive in headfirst and then run out again…

polar bear plunge

This was not done because I had it on my bucket list mind you, number 2 son was participating.

 Yes, you read that correctly.

He was going to jump into the frigid ocean by choice and I needed to be there to make sure he came out alive to witness this spectacular feat.

It was really cold but at least the sun was shining…

Polar Bear Plunge

The “polar bears” prepare mentally and huddle up for inspiration…

Polar Bear Plunge

cute spectator…

Polar Bear Plunge

the line-up…

Polar Bear Plunge

The army of self-proclaimed “polar bears” runs towards the ocean – dives in –

and as I was holding my breath,

number 2 came out alive…

Polar Bear Plunge

another year another plunge…

polar bear plunge

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  1. I liked your original word better: “crazy”! I bet it was fun to watch.

    • says:

      I tried to put the video in my post but have not figured it out yet, you could hear me screaming if I could get it to load! If I can figure out the logistics I will add it in. You are right it was crazy!