Sowing Some Seeds

On a cold winter day I enjoy thinking about and planning for my spring garden.

Before long I will be sowing some seeds.  Do you grow any of your garden’s plants directly from seed or do you rely on a local nursery for plants?  I do a little of both but there is nothing more gratifying to me than growing my own plants from seed.

Do you remember the seed packets from days gone by?

They were works of art in themselves…

sweet pea seed packet

Sweet peas are definitely one of the seeds that I sow for myself.  Some are already in the ground having been sown at Thanksgiving but I will grow a few more inside for transplanting when it warms up a bit.  The real reason I do this is because I have had some bad luck with the tender plants getting eaten by birds.  The proof of this pesky behavior was in finding two birds who were unfortunate enough to have consumed the poisonous plant – all I will say is that they were not flying any longer.

seed packets today do not seem to hold quite the same charm as their predecessors…

aster seed packet

zinnias are another for sure grown from seed plant here On Pinehurst Place…

zinnia seed packet

each packet prettier than the last makes me want to grow them all…

delphinium seed packet

and the queen of my garden last year the beloved…

dahlia seed packet

What got me off on this path was trying to decide which dahlias to add to the garden this year.

My go-to catalog for bulbs is Brent and Becky’s…

Brent and Becky's Bulbs

There are six pages of dahlias…

Brent and Becky's Bulbs

I do not know how I will ever decide.

Are you starting any seeds for your garden?

We can all hope for some good help with getting them started…

dog with seed packet

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  1. Haven’t sown seeds in quite a while. Maybe I’ll give it a try again. Thanks for planting the idea!

    • says:

      I promise you will be glad you did! It is a miracle to me every time I plant a seed and watch it grow!

  2. Lee Threadgill says:

    Beautiful! Planted some sweet peas yesterday!

  3. Hello, I think we are distant neighbors! Speaking of which, I have made it my resolution to learn every plant in Belhaven this year. You’ve inspired me- I need to pick up some bulb catalogs. That may be a really good place to start learning.

    I have started 2 varieties of spinach seeds and am waiting just a few more weeks to plant them outdoors. We grow most of our garden from seeds. I have not have any success with lavender from seed though- do you have experience?

    • says:

      I have never tried lavender from seed but have tried the plants with not much success! The spinach should be easy and delicious! Thanks so much for reading along and I hope to run into you in the neighborhood!

  4. Carole Bailey says:

    Love planting from seeds! The miracle of life, in all forms. Hall has a year round vegetable garden in raised beds. We compost and he loves to work the garden. I love to cook from it. The flowers are from seeds, too, especially zinnias. Not time to plant them yet, but will be time to start them inside soon.

    • says:

      I have a raised bed also where I grow herbs and a few vegetables right outside my kitchen door – nothing like going out and harvesting something fresh for cooking!