Blue and White Bash

I thought it would be fun today to link up to The Blue and White Bash over at The Pink Pagoda, a blog that I always enjoy reading.  Click on the link and browse through some blue and white beauty on this Monday!

Over here On Pinehurst Place things tend to be more green, yellow and red than blue and white.  That does not mean however, that I do not have an affinity for blue and white.  As a matter of fact, I was raised on blue and white, having eaten almost every meal on my mother’s favorite china…

blue and white china

I went browsing around town last week looking for some pretty blue and white images for you.

Here are some vignettes from Interior Spaces – blue and white around every corner there…

blue and white china

love this skirted table…

skirted table

a wall of blue and white…

blue and white china

pretty lamp…

blue and white china

and maybe the favorite item of the day, a painting by my friend Donna McVey…

artist Donna McVey painting

I hope you hop over to The Pink Pagoda and have fun with some more blue and white today…

blue and white china with dog

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  1. Such a pretty shop. I love that painting. Love the dog.

    • says:

      Thanks for reading along! I think I am going to have to run back over there and grab that painting!

  2. What a lovely shop!!! So many be beautiful things…the lamps are just gorgeous and I love the skirted vanity. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love blue and white! I have a cedar chest where I display seasonal items. This post gave me an idea to make June (my anniversary month) blue and white (since there really isn’t any holiday or season to celebrate). This is my “area” of change in my home decor, giving me the ability to give an inexpensive freshness. Thanks, Marsha!

  4. says:

    That is a great idea and will be perfect for June! I have a decorative box with a tin liner that I do the same thing with!

  5. Loving all of the pictures, especially your friend’s watercolor, but the teacup yorkie is divine! So glad to find your site.

  6. So much prettiness! I love that beautiful watercolor. Thank you for linking this up today!

  7. Lots of lovely blue & white! I wish I could have shopped with you, although it may have been dangerous to my budget! 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I wish you could have been shopping with me also, there were actually a lot of things on sale which helps the budget situation!