I’ve Been Waterlogued

I tried to upload the Waterlogue app a week or so ago and discovered that I would first have to break down and download the I phone upgrade.  I have been putting this off because my phone had too many pictures on it for the download to install.  Well, I had some time for tech issues yesterday and I cleaned up my camera roll and installed my upgrade.  I couldn’t wait to get the Waterlogue app and now I may be obsessed.

So here are a few pictures from Deer Valley that I have “painted”…

Deer Valley ski slop painted in waterlogue

Deer Valley ski slope painted in waterlogue

pretty flowers in our lobby…

flowers in The Lodges lobby

flowers in The Lodges lobby painted in waterlogue

flowers in The Lodges lobby painted in waterlogue

flowers painted in waterlogue

icicles outside my door…

icicles painted in waterlogue

icicles painted in waterlogue

and you know I couldn’t resist “painting” the flower girls…


Cammie painted in waterlogue


Maggie painted in waterlogue

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday

 we will be traveling…

dog in red plane

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  1. What a cool app! I’ll have to share this with my daughter. She’ll love it.

  2. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    Wow!…..I see how easily this could become an obsession!…..just beautiful…..wishing safe travels for you, as you head back to “us” lucky ducks who follow your beautiful blog…..

  3. Debbie Cannon says:

    These are great! What a fun new obsession! See ya’ll this afternoon.

  4. Susan McNamara says:

    I too have had a large time with this app. So fun! I think your icicle is my fave! So cool!! Ha