Inspiration From An Olympian

Are you watching the winter Olympic Games?

I love learning about how individual athletes achieved the dream of competing in the Olympics and am amazed at the inspiring stories of their perseverance and training to overcome what seem like impossible odds.

Scott Hamilton, figure skater and Olympic Gold Medal winner, has always been an inspiration to me…

Scott Hamilton

 As a child he suffered with a disease that inhibited his growth which interestingly was tantamount to his career choice.

 I was always a fan, I suppose since we were about the same age, and enjoyed seeing him win some 15 championships culminating in winning Olympic gold in 1984…

Scott Hamilton figure skater

I was glad to see him as a commentator on the televised coverage of men’s figure skating this week, especially since I knew a little bit about some health issues he has faced over the years.

Today I stumbled on his video on I Am Second and again found inspiration from this Olympian.

I Am Second is “a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds.”  On their site you will find all kinds of stories from actors to athletes to your next-door neighbor.  Each person tells their personal story in dealing with their everyday struggle with life.

It will take about 10 minutes to watch the entire film…

I hope it brought inspiration to your day…

skating dog






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  1. sally randall says:

    love this

  2. Only God can take the things that the world s as tragedy and makes something absolutely wonderful. I can attest to that! Thanks for sharing this, Marsha. I had not heard all of Scott’s story before. A true inspiration!

    • says:

      His attitude is incredible and I just hold him in the highest regard. There are so many stories of inspiration on the I Am Second site.