Fun And Games With The Flower Girls

Life with two jack russell terriers is never dull or boring and there have been some fun and games with the flower girls going on here this week.  Maggie has always had an affinity for grabbing things and carrying them around in her mouth.  She is adept at finding and grabbing trash on our neighborhood walks…


There was a little incident this week and here is what I surmise could have happened.  The door to the basement was left open or ajar and Maggie went hunting.

 A while back we had an unwelcome visitor in the basement and our friendly Terminix man came and told me that he had left some “glue traps” strategically placed to capture the critter.  Said critter was indeed captured and given a quick exit from the premises.  I have not thought much about the strategically placed traps since then.

Enter Maggie the Huntress.

This morning I noticed a flat black object on the floor as I headed for the coffee pot and upon closer inspection discovered it to be one of the long forgotten “glue traps.”

Enter Cammie the glued.

Walking behind her I could not help but notice that Cammie’s otherwise snowy white backside was a bit gray…


A quick call was made to The Dog Wash and we were told to head straight over.  I was not sure what could be done and was afraid that shears would probably be involved.

I arrived later in the day to pick her up not knowing what to expect…


Thanks goodness a bath did the trick…

dog in bathtub

and there were no shears involved…

dogs with mohawks

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  1. Too funny! I think God sent dogs to give us smiles everyday. (Especially after the crisis is gone!)

    • says:

      These two are guaranteed to make me laugh out loud most days! Life just seems better with a dog or two!