Movie Review: The Monuments Men

With a bit of free time on a Saturday afternoon I decided to head out to the theater to see The Monuments Men.

The book has been in my stack for a little while and I thought I would read it before seeing the movie, oh well I will get to it…

The Monuments Men

“…in caves, in mines, and in isolated mountain hideouts we found that Hitler and his gang…had stored art treasures filched from their rightful owners throughout conquered Europe.  I am grateful to the directors of the Metropolitan Museum for their generosity in having accorded me an honorary membership for my small part in protecting these monuments.  The credit belongs to the officers and men of the combat echelons whose veneration for priceless treasures persisted, even in the heat and fears of battle.”

-General Dwight D. Eisenhower,

Supreme Allied Commander, Acceptance remarks at the MMA, April 1946

the film is wonderful…

The Monuments Men

Just. See. It

nuf said…

dogs in theater

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  1. Marilyn Brookes says:

    I loved Monuments Men. It has been a long time since I have left a movie so uplifted. How nice to see Americans as the good guys. I especially appreciated the guy (can’t remember names) who did not have an affair when it would have been so easy and no one would have know. Character does count.