Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend!

It is going to be a busy and fun weekend here OPP.  Brother and sister in law are coming for a visit to celebrate his birthday, let’s just say it is a significant one and leave it at that!  Sunday I will head out to Atlanta for Design Bloggers Conference where I will learn many new ways to regale you with my insight and knowledge!

Here are a few images from my neighborhood to get you started on this welcome Saturday…




french roman hyacinth

snapped this one for you before the frost got it…

japanese magnolia

all of this in the same garden – glorious…

flowering trees

delighted to see the daffodils…


have a great weekend…


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  1. Signs of spring–glorious! It’s not that pretty here in Fort Worth yet. In fact, we’re supposed to have ice today. Have a great weekend. Tell your brother happy birthday for me!

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      I saw the weather forecast and could not believe more ice predicted. We had a nice birthday celebration together, I will pass along your greeting!