Welty on Wednesday: “Food, Friendship And Letters”

 I am on my way home today from an exciting and inspirational meeting in Atlanta…

design bloggers conference

I learned so much and am looking forward to sharing with you.

In the meantime here is a little Welty fix for you on this Wednesday.

 A week or so ago Number 2 son sent a link to an article recommending it for my reading.  I enjoyed it so much and hope you will too: Eudora Welty and William Maxwell:  “Food, Friendship and Letters.”  (click on the link to read)

The article is written by Michael Oates Palmer for The Southern Foodways Alliance for an issue of Gravy Quarterly.

 Number 2 happens to be pretty well versed in all things Welty having studied under Suzanne Marrs, Eudora Welty’s biographer and Welty Scholar at Millsaps College.  At one point Suzanne told me that she was going to have to force him to take some courses outside the realm of the English department and Eudora Welty!

For me the article highlights yet another layer to be discovered in Miss Welty’s writing.  I have loved finding the connection between her love of gardening and the influence it has in her writing and more recently understanding the many ways that Greek mythology is woven throughout her stories.  The relationships of food and friendship add another unique perspective to contemplate.

painting of Eudora Welty and William Maxwell

 painting by Hayley Gaberlavage

“What would I have done if you hadn’t first made that time out of thin air and that dinner and the talk and the music out of your heads, like a story (because everything had been packed up, I could see it) and I hadn’t had that evening at your house?  It was so lovely.  It came and afterwards vanished like the souffle we had, and was just as real, though, and so pleasurable and getting better every minute, like all good visits snatched from the jaws of time…”  – Eudora Welty, letter to William and Emily Maxwell, June 10, 1970

Explore more in Suzanne Marrs’ book…

what there is to say we have said

never underestimate the power of the personal handwritten letter…

dog with letter

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