Coral & Tusk Discovered At Star Provisions

Attending Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta this week was definitely a lot of work but there was some play along the way as well!  A favorite stop is always Star Provisions where I ran upon some lovely embroidered linens made by Coral & Tusk.

This bunch of bunnies is what caught my eye first…

embroidered linens by Coral and Tusk

I did a little research on the company and discovered that it was created in 2007 by Stephanie Housley and her husband Chris Lacinak.  Stephanie’s childhood travels set her on the journey to depict the natural world in her art.

Perusing the wares at Star Provisions revealed much more than just a bunch of bunnies. Embroidered table linens began to reveal themselves among the glassware…

embroidered table linens

embroidered table linens

embroidered table linens

Characters, scenes and flowers begin as pencil drawings flowing from Stephanie’s hand.  She redraws each item using computer software to capture each stitch that will form the completed scene.  After the pillows, dolls, and napkins are machine embroidered each one is finished by hand in Coral and Tusk’s Brooklyn loft.

animal parade on a pillow…

embroidered pillow

chicken family on a lumbar pillow…

embroidery on pillow

beaver dam (so cute)…

embroidered pillow

this collection of animals would lead to unlimited story-telling…

stuffed animals

The artist is inspired by everyday objects – animals, trees, feathers, shells.  The process behind the creations – from pencil drawing, stitch by stitch redrawing, embroidery in India and hand finishing in Brooklyn ensures that each item remains true to its inspiration.

love the feathers…

embroidered pillow

We remain in love with adornment as expressed through the craft, creativity and incredible resourcefulness of native cultures everywhere.  We’re so inspired by everyday objects that have been touched with beauty – a painted tree trunk, a garment woven with shells – nothing thrills more than the careful consideration taken to add embellishment where before there was none.  Coral & Tusk strives to recreate these moments on every product.

I already loved all of the products I saw but when I found out that Stephanie takes her dog to work with her every day I was hooked…

Coral and Tusk

image via One Kings Lane




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  1. Martha Nicholson says:

    Well done! Makes me want some of her wonderful pieces.