Scout Is Out: The Scout Guide Jackson

I first mentioned an intriguing little book called The Scout Guide in this post – “Do You Know About The Scout Guide”

not knowing at the time that The Scout Guide Jackson was already in the works!

Well, the Scout Is Out!

Scout Guide Jackson…

The Scout Guide Jackson

After  publishing that first post I heard from the Jackson editor, Kristin Allen, and we have stayed in touch since.  Yesterday one of my dear readers slipped a copy through my mail slot (thanks AL) and I noticed how many of the businesses scouted by The Scout Guide have also been scouted by OPP.

Just for fun, here’s a little roundup!

First up is Nancy Price Interiors – I visited her shop during the event Fondren Unwrapped and wrote about her in the post “Walking Around Fondren Unwrapped”…

Nancy Price Interiors

You met Courtney Peters of Courtney Peters Interior Design

after she created the signature ceramic hearts for sponsors of The Heart Ball…

Courtney Peters

Right across the page from Courtney I found Liz Spratlin, owner of the popular clothing store Blythe and Vine.  She was in the process of relocating her shop when I visited her and posted “Blythe and Vine:Fashion Forward

Blythe and Vine

Annelle Primos and Associates garnered a spot and they had been kind enough to let me do a post as they were revamping the shop after the Christmas holiday.  We got inspired as we wrote “Winter Inspiration From Annelle Primos & Associates”

Annelle Primos and Associates

There have been a couple of visits to Interior Spaces where I was searching for “The Perfect Birthday Gift” and when I visited “Pamela Houchins Booth at Interior Spaces”

Interior Spaces

The Mississippi Museum of Art is always a favorite stop and you visited it in the post “Music In The City” and interestingly enough a visit to the MMA was the subject of the first post I published “Old Masters To Monet”

Mississippi Museum of Art

It is hard to believe that little “diary entry” of a post was written one year ago!  I really wrote it on a whim and had a difficult time pushing the publish button.  Months later the new blog design emerged and OPP took on a fresh design.  It has been an incredible journey so far and I have loved every minute of it!

Last but not least I had a wonderful visit to The Onward Store to attend the tenth anniversary celebration of Delta magazine

“Delta Magazine’s Tenth Anniversary at The Onward Store”

The Onward Store

Visit any of these local businesses and pick up a copy of The Scout Guide Jackson and tell them On Pinehurst Place sent you…

The Scout Guide Jackson

I guess we’re pretty good scouts over here On Pinehurst Place…

dog in scout uniform

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  1. Ingrid taylor says:

    Precious, how do you always make me smile at the End!!!,

  2. Love your blog, Marsha! I love seeing all these sights of Jackson. Just wish I could see them in person! Thanks for sharing!

    • says:

      Thanks so much for reading! Same to you, your blog is always inspiring and thought provoking. Who knew we would end up blogging to stay in touch?!?

  3. Martha LaValla says:

    You are good scouts, indeed! Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of this wonderful blog; love the dog theme.
    Martha LaValla