Discovering Walker’s Point

Our trip last weekend to the lovely state of Maine included a bit of sightseeing and one thing we were intent on was discovering Walker’s Point, the Bush family’s summer retreat.  The estate was purchased by President George H.W. Bush’s great-grandfather in the late 19th century.  The Bush “Summer White House” has been home to many family weddings, holidays and summer escapes.

A drive through the picturesque town of Kennebunkport was very enjoyable, except for the part about me screaming asking to stop every few minutes to take a picture!  The Kennebunkport sign was so charming but we flew right by it so fast that I could not snap a single shot.  When I mentioned wanting a picture of a town sign my driver quickly pointed and told me there was sign right in front of me…

Walker's Point

Sorry, it is not nearly as charming as the “official” town sign!

I already know that I love the people of this town since they show such creativity with lobster traps…

Walker's Point

The drive along the coast was breathtaking…

Kennebunkport, Maine

and very soon our destination became visible…

Walker's Point

I knew I needed to go by Walker’s Point, just in case President and Mrs. Bush were in residence, since I am sure they would have wanted me to stop in for a visit…

Walker's Point

unfortunately the flag was not flying…

Walker's Point

I was thrilled, nonetheless, to have driven by  to pay my respects, even though the “Summer White House” was unoccupied…

Barney the Bushes dog



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  1. Ann Brock says:

    Cannot believe you were in KB! I’ve been up there every summer for the past 21 years, all of which were spent on the Point. You had Barney at the end of your blog but Millie was the occupant of the White House with 41. Did you see Mrs. Bush’s garden on Ocean Avenue? And St. Ann’s? And Dannah’s is my absolute favorite store up there. I’m headed that way in June for 41’s 90th birthday and can’t wait.

    • says:

      I knew that you were up there in the summers! No, we were on the way to see Fulton in Portland and so were short on time. I can’t wait to go back for some summer weather up there. We will probably go sometime in June also when Clara Frances has a break. You had told me about the museum and we did spend an afternoon there – fabulous! I need to get a list from you of what to see in KB though! Yes, I knew it was Barney but I need to go back and add Millie in!

  2. Your gorgeous photos captured the beauty of your day! How absolutely wonderful!

  3. says:

    It was so much fun, thanks!