April’s Flower Of The Month Is The Dogwood

As I was walking one day this week, the blooming dogwoods caught my eye and I thought it a perfect choice for the new “Flower Of The Month” section I started here on the blog.  I am still tweaking the setup of this new page but am thinking it will be fun to have a year of flower images collected on a page together.  For now you can click on the Flower of the Month image over in the sidebar and it will take you to the page where each flower will be posted.  Feel free to make suggestions!

 I just thought with Easter coming in April this year the dogwood was a good choice…


The legend of the dogwood is that two thousand years ago there were not many trees in the Middle East that were big enough to be used for construction.  The dogwood tree was the favorite because its strength and thick trunk made it suitable for building.  The dogwood was the wood of choice for constructing the crosses used for executing criminals.

The tale goes on to say three days after the execution of Jesus of Nazareth all the dogwood trees began to wither.  Years after people began visiting the forest in the spring to view the beautiful blooming trees found there.

  Each blossom looked as if it had been burned by a miniature cross…


In gentle pity Jesus gave respite to the tree, saying that it would never again grow large enough to be used as a cross.  The tree would also now bear blooms marked with nail prints on each petal and a crown of thorns in its center…


It is further said that the pink dogwood is blushing with shame, the weeping dogwood symbolizes sorrow, the red dogwood reminds us of the blood shed by the Savior.

We hope the dogwoods are blooming in your neck of the woods…

jack russell terrier with dogwood

jack russell terrier with dogwood


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  1. Dogwoods are one of my favorite flowering trees. And sadly, there are not many of them in my neck of the woods. So, thanks so much, for these beautiful photos and for sharing the story. I never tire of hearing it!