Eudora Welty’s Garden: Celebrating The Tenth Anniversary

Last Thursday a glorious celebration commemorating the tenth anniversary of the opening of  Eudora Welty’s garden was held at the Mississippi Museum of Art.  The day was filled with fun and there were even vintage 1920s and 30s cars on display to set the tone…

1920s cars

antique cars

the “art garden” was beautiful…

Art Garden at Mississippi Museum of Art

Art Garden at Mississippi Museum of Art

volunteers were selling camellias propagated from Eudora’s own plants, night blooming cereus plants and garden aprons…

Art Garden at Mississippi Museum of Art

propagated camellias from Eudora Welty garden

Guests entered to tunes from the 1930s and 40s being played on piano and were cheerfully welcomed to the event…

Mississippi Museum of Art

Mississippi Museum of Art

members of the Garden Club Of Jackson met the day before to create centerpieces…

garden club of jackson

I think they had as much fun doing this as we did at the luncheon…

flower arranging

and each one was created with flowers from member’s gardens…

flower arranging

I wish I could show you every arrangement but we would be here all day.

You may be here for a good part of the day as it is, I am having trouble deciding which ones to show you…

flower arrangement

flower arrangement

flower arrangement

flower arrangement

flower arrangement

flower arrangement

I am trying to stop…

flower arrangement

ok I am going to stop but this picture of a beautiful arrangement with Bill Dunlap’s painting in the background is too pretty to miss…

flower arrangement

It was special to hear Susan Haltom, co-author of One Writer’s Garden: Eudora Welty’s Homeplace, talk about the restoration process…

Susan Haltom

Artist Bill Dunlap (standing in front of his painting, Panorama of the American Landscape) introduced the keynote speaker…

Bill Dunlap

the incomparable Julia Reed who regaled the audience with entertaining tales of southern lore…

Julia Reed

morning glory seed packets were favors…

morning glory seeds

Cheers to the garden!

It was a celebration extraordinaire!

dog garden party

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  1. What a wonderful celebration! The flower arrangements were absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn’t have minded seeing every one of them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    I agree – the beautifully crafted arrangements, carte du jour (including local, fresh greens) and delightful entertainment were outstanding! What talent and dedication from all who took part in this “cereusly” superb celebration!!! Miss Welty surely is smiling…

    • says:

      Thank you Leslie – I wish that I had been able to have a visit with you!

  3. Susan Haltom says:

    Marsha, these photos perfectly capture the beautiful day! At the luncheon I was not able to see all the lovely arrangements created by the Garden Club of Jackson members, so I thank you for including some of them here. Each was unique and perfectly gorgeous! And of course thank you for all you do in support of the Eudora Welty House and Garden!

    • Evelyn and Michael Jefcoat says:


      Thank you for this fantastic piece on that fantastic day. You-and Susan-did AND do so very much for Welty.

      With thanks, again, and just the best,

      Evelyn and Michael

      • says:

        Thanks for reading along and for your sweet comment! It was a grand day and made even more so by your company!

    • says:

      It was indeed a beautiful day and a memory that I will cherish!