Shelby Ferris Fitzpatrick

It was so much fun to meet Shelby Ferris Fitzpatrick last week at her jewelry show here in Jackson.  A native of Vicksburg, MS, Shelby has lived in Leicester, UK, for about the last 40 years and even has the delightful accent to prove it!

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

She designs jewelry using precious metals and her work is sold by commission, privately and through galleries.

Each design is original and thoughtful.  For instance, she has created pieces around concepts such as “music and movement”, “reflections”, and “illusions”.

She was home for a visit and it turns out that she is first cousin to one friend on her mother’s side and another friend through her father’s side!

 I was excited to attend a private show at one cousin’s home.

The plexiglass pieces are fun…

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

Shelby says, “My work explores jewelry as sculpture and ornament”…

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

Her work gives the wearer options, as necklaces may be worn in several different ways…

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

She works with precious metals using photo-etching and silversmithing techniques which add dimension…

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

each piece is hallmarked by the London Assay Office where they have been testing the quality of precious metals since 1327…

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

all of her creations are beautiful and unique…

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

shelby ferris fitzpatrick

The daffodils on the table were so fragrant and sweet – as I was asking about the variety I was lead into a conversation with her sister, local artist, Martha Ferris (she brought the daffodils from home)…


It turns out Martha is a “mixed media artist and her paintings, murals and large scale public works have been exhibited in galleries, museums, schools, parks and other public spaces across the country.”  Of special interest – she designed and oversaw installation of the mosaic ponds in the Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

I found this wonderful video  of her discussing the “Old Masters To Monet” exhibit which hung at the MMA.

As is so often the case, talent runs in this family.  The brother Bill Ferris is an author and historian whose latest book is The Storied South

The Storied South

(you know I love it with Eudora gracing the cover!)

Yes, I would say that Shelby Ferris Fitzpatrick is part of one talented family!

dog wearing necklace

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  1. Margaret Tohill says:

    Marsha–i grew up with all the Ferrises. Billy was a little older than my sister, I think Shelby was next, then Grey (who you may remember was a state senator–both he and his wife Jan died of virulent cancers–a terrible situation), then Hester, and finally Martha. All are/were very bright and very gifted, AND they were all good-looking! their father dated my mother back in the day, but she refused to marry him! He married Shelby Flowers (and there are a MILLION Flowers, Ferrises, etc). Julia Williams, ne’e Flowers, (married to Terrell Williams) would be a cousin, and she has (as i remember) 4 siblings (Debbie, Grey, Craig, Elizabeth). wish you could have met their grandmother, Mrs. Uriah Grey Flowers, who lived in an incredible (probably 10-bedroom) house on Cherry St. in V’burg. i think HER name was Shelby, too!

    • says:

      They were so delightful and still good looking! Julia was one of the cousins I was referring to and Minor Buchanan the other one. I loved meeting the sisters and wish I had known all of them, so interesting and talented!