Happy Birthday To Eudora Welty

Miss Welty would have turned 105 on April 13th and her birthday will be celebrated with cake and lemonade on the porch at the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum on April 11th.

I loved reading an article from The New York Times written on April 14, 1984 by Fay S. Joyce, recounting the celebration of Eudora’s 75th birthday.

  With champagne and sighs, with flowers and peacock feathers, old friends and new worshipers alike gathered in this quiet Southern capital Friday to celebrate the 75th birthday of Eudora Welty. Miss Welty, a gentle and gracious Mississippian, accepted it all – analyses of her work by European and American scholars, parties, receptions, interviews – with serenity…

When a man delivered the fifth birthday bouquet to her pleasantly cluttered living room Friday morning, Miss Welty gave a slight gasp. ”Have you ever seen the like!” she exclaimed, examining the irises and yellow carnations as if they were the first she had ever beheld.

The winner of numerous awards, including the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Miss Welty, who has been translated into languages across the world, has made her literary reputation primarily through short stories. Her latest book, ”One Writer’s Beginnings,” ranks No. 6 on The New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction and has given its publisher, Harvard University Press, the first best seller of its 71-year history.

Yet it was not just the writer, but the person who scholars and friends affectionately came to honor at parties and at a three-day symposium at Millsaps College, here in this green and flowering city.

And even those who did not attend were full of praise.

”I won’t be extreme, but she’s the most charming and intelligent woman in the world,” Robert Penn Warren declared in a telephone interview. ”A splendid and talented writer.”

”People love Eudora,” explained her friend Charlotte Capers, ”because Eudora loves them.”

On the occasion of her 105th birthday celebration – one of my favorite quotes…

Eudora Welty quote

Happy Birthday Miss Welty…

Eudora Welty birthday celebration

Hope to see some of you, dear readers, at the festivities…

dog birthday

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