Iris: Flower Of The Month For May

It is difficult to decide on only one flower for the month of May as there are so many spectacular blooms from which to choose, but my neighbor’s prolific plantings of irises sealed the deal…


My morning walk takes me by his home and I have really enjoyed watching the progression of his iris collection…


Irises can be traced back to ancient times in Egypt and have grown wild in many other parts of the world as well.  A symbol of the renewal of life, the flower is named after the Greek messenger of the gods, Iris.  It is said that he had golden wings and traveled on a rainbow, a fitting image since “iris” means “rainbow” in Greek.

Each one is a work of art…





Irises are best planted in our hot climate in the fall and the rhizome should not be completely buried, leaving the top slightly exposed.  Most prefer full sun, but again, in our climate they will tolerate some shade.  They like well drained soil so a slope or raised bed for planting is a good idea.  You will want to thin them out as they grow and how nice it is to pass along a favorite to a friend.

I hope you will give the incomparable iris a try…

dalmatian with iris

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  1. There’s just something special about an iris. The delicate, soft petals and they way they both lift up and bow down make me think of worship to our Lord. God’s creation always draws me to look up to Him.

  2. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    Thank you. As always, beautiful. Surely you will do the “waterlogue” thingy” to one of these glorious pix!

  3. Loicka says:

    I will try planting some
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • says:

      You should try the Louisiana variety that would be happy at the water’s edge!